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OPEX model is also called a third-party ownership model where the consumers only provide the premises for the solar plant whereas the plant is owned and operated by the installer companies or the investors.

Customer pays monthly fees at a discount of existing electricity bills for an agreed period. Length of agreement varies from 10-25 years. The discounts offered are generally about 20% of the existing bill. However, the actual discount depends on case to case.

Benefits of OPEX

The model frees capital for the customer to invest in other areas. At the same, it gives access to low-cost power and savings in the electricity bill. While investor gains benefit in the form of Return on Investment.


If you are considering installing a RESCO solar power system on your premises, we’ll tell you why this is the best solar solution for you.

Unlike a solar EPC or Capex proposition, wherein the consumer owns the system and invests upfront, the RESCO model is a zero-investment model in which the consumer pays only for the electricity generated, while the solar plant is owned by the RESCO developer.

You can enjoy the electricity that is generated without worrying about any of the associated operations and maintenance issues. In return, all you need to do is pay a pre-decided monthly tariff which is lower than prevailing grid electricity tariff.

The RESCO developer takes complete ownership and responsibility of the operations and maintenance of the system for the duration of its lifetime. We will designate experienced engineers who will ensure that the RESCO model solar power system runs efficiently, by maximizing the performance of the plant.

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