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what’s the nice time to put in solar?

In this article, we are able to try and clear all of the doubts that encounter our buyer’s thoughts while putting solar at the home, workplace, or for another purpose!

We’ve constantly heard one question from our ability consumers when installing solar panels in the rainy season or winter season or summer season. we are continues receiving direct sunlight total year, so the right time to install solar panels the sunshine is bright


1) What are the correct climate conditions for solar installation?

For the duration of colder months, there are fewer installations on your network however in summers maximum of the proprietors reveal in the need of installing solar and consequently, there may be a protracted equipped listing. However sooner or later in winters, solar manufacturers can get to your private home faster so you won’t wait long to get subjects shifting

2) solar is the seasonal product?

there are some seasonal products like Ac, Cooler, geyser that operate simplest seasonal timing but solar is not seasonal products sun panels are practical for 365 days of 25 years, and you have a warranty. The solar shines each day and you need to run your light or fan every day too. as a result, solar is a Non-Seasonal product.

Greentek has experts who can advise you on the best products to install according to your requirements. As if a customer is properly advised about technically advanced products then the customer can easily take decisions

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