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GREENTEK is dedicated to bringing only high quality solar panels to its clients that can with stand environmental factors and live its maximum lifespan. Offers a broad range of photovoltaic solar modules that feature high efficiency and best-in-class manufacturing edge. Now, you probably are thinking about how we create this wonder in our solar panel production site. The solar panel production facility converts silicon materials to wafers, wafers to solar cells, and finally, solar cells to solar panels.>

After 23 years of being in the solar power industry, GREENTEK has proven its capability of manufacturing Widely-renowned, high-quality, and stable power output over its products’ lifespan (mind you, that is 12 and 30 years power output guaranteed!). It also adheres to a very strict quality control, doing 100% testing on module current and voltage to ensure that each customer only receives 100% solar modules. We use only high-efficiency cells in our modules. Special models are also manufactured for the specific needs of the customers, such as modules for architectural integration.

Our wide range of standard and specialty modules include
  • Multiple configurations – 72, 60 and 36 cells.
  • Customized configurations – 54 and 48 cell configuration for international market.
  • Wide power range – from 40 W to 325 W.
  • Enhanced low light performance.
  • Minimum moisture ingress for greater longevity of the modules.
  • Selection of best quality of materials and matching of components for harvesting more power
  • High anodized Aluminium frame.
  • High reliability in extreme weather condition.
Key Features
  • Made in India.
  • High module conversion efficiency.
  • Guaranteed power output tolerance from -3 to +3%.
  • Highly reliable Anti-reflective coated glass.
  • Anodized aluminium is mainly for improving corrosion resistance.
  • Excellent performance under low-light irradiance environment.
  • PID resistant.
  • 12-year material and workmanship warranty.
  • 12 years for a guaranteed minimum benefit of 90%.
  • 25 years for a guaranteed minimum benefit of 80%.
  • 25 years linear warranty.
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