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GREENTEK is one of best quality OEM manufacturer of Solar Water Heater Tanks India both pressurized and Non Pressurized with BIS mark. Solar tank is made up of high-quality SS material which is light in weight and it does not get corrodes easily with salty water.Each tank has been insulated with high density PUF (play urethane foam) Installation of 50mm thickness between inner outer tanks ensures maximum heat retention every season. Our tank sizes are 100L, 200L, 250L, 500L, 1000L , 2000L


ETC (Evacuated Tube Collector)

The evacuated tube solar thermal system is one of the most popular solar thermal systems in operation. An evacuated solar system is the most efficient and a common means of solar thermal energy generation with a rate of efficiency of 70 per cent. As an example, if the collector generates 3000 kilowatt hours of energy in a year then 2100 kilowatt hours would be utilized in the system for heating water. The rate of efficiency is achieved because of the way in which the evacuated tube systems are constructed, meaning they have excellent insulation and are virtually unaffected by air temperatures. The collector itself is made up of rows of insulated glass tubes that contain copper pipes at their core. Water is heated in the collector and is then sent through the pipes to the water tank